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HSE & Training Department with the help of its Guiding Principles is looking forward to the improvement of the company's procedural paradigm.


Guiding Principles


 Setting objectives and targets to provide continuous improvement in our environmental, health and safety performance.

 A continual improvement to gauge the qualitative and quantitative output of the Department for us to use it for future reference.

 Promotion of energy conservation and natural resources preservation including waste reduction and reusing of recyclable materials as necessary.

 Constant monitoring and assessment on the company's environmental, health and safety performance that complies with the company policy.

 Identifies and manages the environmental, health and safety risks and impacts of our existing and planned operations.

 Provides the leadership and resources that will enable our workforce to meet improvement objectives and targets.

 Requires every employee to take personal responsibility towards achieving environmental, health and safety goals.

 Includes environmental, health and safety performance when evaluating employees for compensation, rewards, and recognition.

 Complies with applicable environmental, health and safety laws and regulations.

 Recognizes that no task is so important than other things when it comes to safety risks.

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